Sunday, November 1, 2009

It starts!

Today is the official beginning of Nanowrimo and Nablopomo!
I've been saving up all my blogging for this month.
Last night I met up with several other Nanoers and at the stroke of midnight, we started writing. In the time we were there, I wrote 2,044 words. Well beyond my daily word count goal, so yay! Hopefully I can keep up with my lead, so if in the future I miss a day(Thanksgiving), it won't be that big a deal.
The most challenging part of this, other than the sheer number of words to be written is that it's a very different style of writing. I'm used to editing as I go, which is probably part of the reason I tend to get stuck. In Nanowrimo, you just have to plod ahead, ignoring little mistakes in interest of word count. Those can be fixed later in editing. I even turned off the little red spell check line that shows up under misspelled words so I'm not tempted to go back and fix them.



  1. That sounds like a great way to start the month...good luck!

    Because I'm leaving for Turkey later this week, I actually wrote about half-a-month's worth of posts before the month even started. Definitely seems less daunting this way!

  2. I can't imagine doing both NaBloPoMo AND NaNoWriMo. If you tell me you're also knitting a sweater in a month, my inferiority complex will be complete!